Dec 202016

Well, that was a quick announcement. So now we know.

This will be the last Budget to take place in March of each year. From now on, Budgets will take place each Autumn – which means next year we shall actually be having two Budgets.

But after that – well, if things go smoothly, we would be having a Budget at the end of the year, the people who sit in the Houses of Parliament will be able to talk about it for a bit and hopefully pass it by March the following year, just in time for the start of the financial year in April. Which is as it should be.

I apologise by the way for not updating my own Autumn Statement page and being generally silent for a while. A few “family troubles” have cropped up when they shouldn’t have, so I have been otherwise occupied.

But I do wish to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for reading the articles on this site, and for your kind support over the years. I hope you and your family have a restful holiday, wherever you are.