Nov 222016

I don’t know for certain. The awful GOV.UK website tells me that the main page will be here.

And the important documents – you know, the ones that tell you what’s really going to happen – well, they are to be found here.

Oh, perhaps I’d better tell you the date. Tomorrow. Wednesday 23 November 2016.

I’m really not looking forward to this. I did see somewhere that there was a rumour that this would be the last Autumn Statement, and that they might be planning on going back to just having a Budget every March. I could live with that.

By the way – all you fellow tax people: When are you getting your tax books for 2016/17?

I’m getting mine in the first week of December. So they’ll already be about a week out of date when I receive them. Perhaps this is a small project that the officials at HMRC could be working on. It’s in their interest as well as ours. Well, at least those people at HMRC who are actually employed to do tax rather than policy and PR.

Oh I just forgot to say: there is going to be a page dedicated to the Autumn Statement somewhere on this site.

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Satwaki Chanda

Satwaki Chanda

Satwaki Chanda is a tax lawyer with a First Class degree in Mathematics. Called to the Bar in 1992, he is the Editor of Tax Notes.
Satwaki Chanda

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