Mar 162016

Well, today is the big day. As usual, we have a dedicated Budget page from which I will try and give an orderly presentation of the links to the various documents.

I shouldn’t have to do this of course. HMRC – or the Inland Revenue – once did this on their own site. Some of you will remember that site. You know the one I mean. When HMRC used to give out information rather than hiding archiving it. Before the days that the IT crowd started interfering with upgrading the site.

Budget Day 16 March 2016 – where are the documents?

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Mar 092016

They are here of course.  Well, that’s where they say they’ll be. At the moment it’s just an empty page.

But don’t you believe it – just wait till the Big Day arrives, and once more, we’ll be taken on a merry-go-round the GOV.UK pages, trying to find whatever piece of paper that we’re so desperately trying to get hold of because some client desperately wants to know whether they’ve finally abolished entrepreneurs’ relief.

So who’s looking forward to this Budget? Are you? I’m not. I’m too busy recovering from the last one.