Autumn Statement 2013 – Buying Corporate Tax Losses – new rules for Holding Companies

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Jan 242014

There has been a welcome amendment to the rules that prevent the carry forward of corporate tax losses where there have been significant changes to the underlying business activities. The rules apply when a company undergoes a change of ownership, and they make perfect sense in the context of a company takeover.

However, one would not expect tax losses to be restricted when the corporate group has undergone an internal restructuring. There is less justification for this, given that a restructuring doesn’t usually result in a change in the underlying economic ownership of the assets involved.

And indeed, as we shall see, the rules don’t apply when the target is a subsidiary that is being transferred from one group company to another. Unfortunately, the exception doesn’t extend to the introduction of a new holding company.

This situation is to be remedied in the next Finance Act. The changes will take effect from 1 April 2014. Continue reading »

Jan 202014

This is the third in our series of articles on venture capital trusts. In this article we shall look at the conditions relating to the VCT itself. In particular, we shall look at the way the VCT is structured as opposed to the way in which the business is run, or the conditions attached to the investments in the underlying portfolio. These topics are the subject of future articles in this series.

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