Jul 162013

This is the first in a series of articles on venture capital trusts, an investment vehicle designed for those who want to invest in growth stocks but who want the comfort of having a professional manager doing the hard work for them. (This article can also be downloaded in pdf format at Academia.edu.)

We shall start off by looking at the tax breaks on offer. But first…

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Jul 122013

Please note, this table and the commentary are out of date. A more up to date version which takes into account the new Social Enterprise Investment Scheme can be found here

There are three types of Venture Capital Scheme, each one with tax breaks to induce investors to part with their hard earned money. The following table is a summary of these tax breaks, together with the relevant statutory provision. Continue reading »

Partnership Consultation – Profit Allocation Schemes to close

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Jul 012013

HMRC published its Consultation Paper on partnerships a few weeks ago. In Part One, we looked at the proposals concerning disguised employment. In this part, we shall look at profit allocation schemes and what the Government is intending to do about them. Continue reading »